Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What To Research When Looking For The Right Set Of Long-Tail Keywords

There are countless articles out there that address the issue of long-tail keywords and how to select them. This article will provide some fresh perspectives that one can look at when thinking about what combination of words to use.
#1: Think In The Mind Of Your Target Market
This article will not go into any discussions about how to find your target audience because you’ve hopefully done that already before reading this point. But if not, the first thing you need to do is find that target market because that will be crucial to determining the right set of keywords. You must think in the mind of those who would be searching for your product. This is best illustrated through an example. Suppose you are running a house cleaning business. You can’t put your marketing efforts toward the term “house cleaning” because of how general it is.
You might think to use geographical terms to describe the location of your business or you might try to find something unique about your house cleaning business that you think people will search for. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to devise a list of keywords that your target market might search for and that relate to your business. This is definitely a time extensive process that requires a lot of brainstorming. You should also research online to get an idea of searching trends and look for SEO research tools that can help suggest words.
#2: Think Of The Different Combination Of Words That Comes To Mind And The Order In Which You Will Place Them
Once you’ve found the words, it’s important to find the right combination of words. Some words may work together better than others while you may choose to leave out certain words altogether. This is never easy to figure out and you can’t tell for sure which combination of words will yield the best results. You might choose to put the geographical location first, the business type first, or even the unique quality that sets you business apart from others. Much like the first point, this is a time extensive process that requires brainstorming. You can also use SEO research tools online that can provide some perspective on this topic.

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